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Giving Tuesday 2019

The Season of Thankfulness and Giving Back

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global giving event that happens on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving back has been integral to our firm since the beginning. To show our support, we have pledged to give back 8% of our net profit each year to local non-profits. In the past five years, we have donated over $80,000 to fund causes and organizations whose work inspires us. We know that actions speak louder than words, so it’s important that we also spend time volunteering as well as doing pro bono work for various charities and non-profits. We want to show up for our community in ways that can have a real and lasting impact. In the same way that our designs can positively impact the way you experience our community, we hope our actions can improve the quality of life for those who call WNC home. In this season of thankfulness, we hope you join us to support the organizations, families and individuals that make up our remarkable community. Whether it’s time, money, or even just using the power of your voice, every little bit counts to effect change in our community. You can visit to find a list of organizations in our area.