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Timber Frame Barn Raising


There was an (almost) old-fashioned barn raising in Asheville this summer. Our clients purchased an over 100 year old barn timber frame from Heritage Restorations, who restored, delivered and re-assembled the timber frame on-site. The Samsel Architects team integrated the timber frame into a new home, incorporating nearly every timber as a structural or design feature. Century-old columns, beams, and diagonal braces will give this home an extraordinary, rustic charm.

Heritage Restorations delivered the timbers and their crew from Texas spent the next four days re-assembling the timbers using traditional timber frame joinery combined with modern steel connections when current building codes required additional structural engineering.

TImberBarn-2Sections of the timber frame bents were assembled on the ground, and then tilted into place with a crane.

TImberBarn-3They used this beetle to attach the timbers in the original pegged mortise-and-tenon fashion.

TImberBarn-4Diagonal braces are reinstalled to their original locations wherever possible.

TImberBarn-5The main entrance showcases the incredible view looking south to Beaucatcher Mountain.

The general contractor, Jade Mountain Builders completed the rough grading, site work, foundation walls and concrete slab before the timber frame arrived. Now that the timber frame is in its restored and reassembled on-site, the of the remainder of the home will be constructed around it. Coordination of the timber frame with new construction makes this project a unique to rewarding challenge for our design and construction team.