Designs for our new modern pavilion house outside of Tryon are beginning to take shape. Our clients purchased a 40 acre farm in Columbus, NC with several spectacular old growth oak trees, an existing barn, pastures and distant views to Tryon Peak. To take advantage of the dramatic oak trees, we carefully located the house on the land and oriented the living spaces around the tree locations. As with all of our projects, the existing landscape and our clients vision directed our design concept. The "L" shaped house form organizes the public and private spaces around a large white oak. This

Samsel Architects has the honor of being voted the premier architect in Western North Carolina for two years in a row in the Mountain Xpress Best Of Poll. Our designs respect the unique qualities of the Asheville, NC region through visual harmony with the built environment and by minimizing the negative impact of construction and building operation through green architecture. For 30 years, Asheville has trusted our design vision and talented staff. We look forward to continuing to serve our community through timeless designs that honor our mountain region. Thank you, Asheville!

There was an (almost) old-fashioned barn raising in Asheville this summer. Our clients purchased an over 100 year old barn timber frame from Heritage Restorations, who restored, delivered and re-assembled the timber frame on-site. The Samsel Architects team integrated the timber frame into a new home, incorporating nearly every timber as a structural or design feature. Century-old columns, beams, and diagonal braces will give this home an extraordinary, rustic charm. Heritage Restorations delivered the timbers and their crew from Texas spent the next four days re-assembling the timbers using traditional timber frame joinery combined with modern steel connections when current building