Continuing with our blog series that highlights each of our 12 values, today we will focus on Achievement. We are proud of our accomplishments, including recognition for the quality of our work, design awards, consistent positive feedback, and being published in both print and digital media outlets. We are also proud of our internal measures of success: achieving financial profitability and solvency, longevity of our firm, and the strength of our brand. 2020 marks our 35th anniversary and we are celebrating the longevity of our studio - since 1985. In 2016, Samsel Architects was recognized by AIA North Carolina as the Firm

At Samsel Architects, we have a set of 12 values that are carried throughout our work and define who we are. We are doing a blog series that highlights each value, and since today is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we will focus on Sustainability. Sustainability is the backbone of our studio and work. “We understand that we are part of a greater system. We believe we have a responsibility to create a positive and lasting impact on that system through our people and projects. We also believe in supporting people and projects that value equity and diversity, health, economy,