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We took the Green Workplace Challenge

Asheville Green Workplace Challenge
Samsel Architects is proud to say we received a gold rating in Asheville’s Green Workplace Challenge! The Green Workplace Challenge is a self-assessment tool for any local business to evaluate their environmental impact and is a great resource for gathering new ideas. The program awards ratings of bronze, silver, gold and platinum based on high levels of achievement in four categories:

  • Employee Involvement & Community Outreach
  • Energy & Water
  • Waste & Consumption
  • Transportation

The ability to quantify environmental responsibility allows us and other local companies to measure and improve performance. We hope to use the tool to continually update our practices and reach a platinum rating. We encourage our fellow Asheville businesses to do the same. By participating in this program, private area companies can really make a big impact on the livability of our community.

Our Commitment

Samsel Architects believes in environmental stewardship throughout our work and also inside our office walls. Earlier this year, we enacted a formal sustainability policy that guides us on  operations to raise awareness of our environmental impact. The policy includes an office supply purchasing policy and promotion of energy efficiency internally by encouraging employees to maximize the use of natural light in our studio and shut down computers at the end of the day. In the past nine months that these efforts have been observed, we have seen an almost 50% reduction in energy use, on average.

It is because of these improvements to our office environment that allowed us to attain a gold rating in the Workplace Challenge. We earned “extra credit” for having a large, conspicuous solar array overhanging the south end of our building’s roof. This setup is clearly visible from Biltmore Avenue, and promotes solar power usage in the community.

How Can You Participate

By participating in the Green Workplace Challenge, businesses can increase awareness of environmental issues while also reducing energy use, water consumption and waste. Once registered, participants can access and update their scorecard throughout the year, and will become part of a larger network with similar sustainability goals. Participating businesses have the opportunity to win prizes and awards and be recognized for their efforts as a leader in sustainability. We encourage all businesses in the area to take on Asheville’s Green Workplace Challenge.