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Samsel Architects Values Blog: Discovery

Our Values: Discovery

Samsel Architects Values Blog: Discovery

Our studio has a set of 12 values that are the foundation of our work. Continuing with our blog series that highlights each of the values, today we will focus on Discovery.

“We love the NEW. New people, new projects, new ideas and processes. Central to our joy are the possibilities we discover every day as we seek out new opportunities to create, invent and innovate.”

With each project comes an opportunity to meet new people, explore new ideas and solve new challenges. Every project has a unique set of challenges and deserves unique and customized solutions born through a comprehensive discovery process.

Discovery is such an important value to us that it is also the foundation of our purpose: Discover. Create. Inspire.



These three words guide who we are, how we work, and how we serve our clients. Discovery is integral to our process and we encourage a curious and inquisitive mindset in search of new techniques, raised standards, and increased knowledge of the craft of architecture. With such a mindset, we open ourselves to learn from our peers, contractor collaborators, and our clients. What we discover from our collaborators often results in more responsive and creative project.

During the pandemic, Discovery has become central to adapting to a new way of working. Though the hardships of the pandemic are apparent, our office has learned new ways of collaborating and communicating that will provide long term benefit to our design process. We’ve also been reminded of the importance of work-life balance: Our staffs’ personal interests during this time have been in pursuit of other creative and fulfilling endeavors. As creative professionals, expanding our interests and gaining a broader collective knowledge of topics ultimately make us a stronger architecture team.


Above: Sketches and photos from our staff during our time at home.