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Historic Renovation in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Renovation Before and After

Above: Animation of Chapel Hill Renovation before and after.

This 1930s house in Chapel Hill had always been a perfect fit for the homeowners and their child. As the teenage years started to approach however, it was time for a housing shift.

Initially, building a new house was considered and our clients purchased a parcel of rural land to pursue that dream. Upon further reflection though, the family decided to stay put and continue to enjoy their great neighborhood – just with a major renovation to the house for “modern-life” enhancements.

The ca. 1933 Dutch Colonial house in one of Chapel Hill’s historic districts, maintained much of its original character from the street view. Away from the street, a former rear service porch had been altered and enclosed. That area become the primary focus of the exterior changes. The altered porch zone was removed and a new two-story addition was added in the style of the original house, as the family wished.

Chapel Hill Renovation Kitchen

Above: We opened up the existing kitchen space for a more spacious and airy room.

An open floor plan for an expanded kitchen and dining was desired as the primary main level change, supplemented by a new laundry/mudroom at the back entry. We also improved connectivity to the outdoors, including an expanded screened porch off of the dining area. A designated master suite was key on the upper level. The design solution for both levels united repurposed existing space with the areas of the new addition, which totalled 700 square feet.

Chapel Hill Renovation Dining

Above: The dining room stayed in the same space but we opened it up to the kitchen and put a window in for more natural light.

A new projected rectilinear bay window in the kitchen allowed the placement of the cooktop on a window wall. This provided both an efficient work area and a large increase of natural light and views.

A Clarus glass writing board integrates nicely in the mud room and offers a “hub” for family scheduling. The orange board combines with the orange dining room light fixture to provide an owner-desired color accent to the project.

Chapel Hill Renovation Clarus Board

Above: The Clarus glass writing board is located in the mudroom off the kitchen.

Chapel Hill Renovation Bathroom

Above: The new master bathroom that is part of the new rear addition.

Above: The new master bedroom that is part of the new rear addition.

Impervious roof and hardscape areas were integrated into a thoughtful site and landscape design by Swanson Associates of Chapel Hill and fully meets the requirements of the city’s watershed protection district.

The completed renovation was the second project for the family by Samsel Architects. The first project was a contemporary mountain house in the Western North Carolina mountains and can be seen here on our site.