Our name is new, but we are the same.

Introducing Altura Architects – formerly Samsel Architects

Our name is new, but our philosophy, our values, and our people are the same. The name Altura is a tribute to our mountain region and signifies our commitment to a higher purpose: to elevate the lives of our clients, our community, and our planet. The word Altura means height, or altitude, and represents our reverence for our mountain home.

Timeless. Trusted. Sustainable.

• We endeavor to create architecture that has a timeless aesthetic, that respects the land, enhances our community, and that appeals through multiple generations.
• We aim to be trusted guides for our clients through the design and construction of a project.
• We believe that our contributions to the built environment should be environmentally sustainable, conserving resources and energy consumption.

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We have been committed to green building for over 30 years and sustainable design continues to be a core value of every project. We recognize that construction of our buildings has a lasting impact on the land and landscape around us, as well as our personal health and well-being of our larger community.

Our Services

Our studio specializes in custom residential and commercial architecture. We know architecture has the innate power to provide value to people’s lives which is why we tailor each project to the unique individual or community through a collaborative process.

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