The EcoDorm at Warren Wilson College received LEED Platinum Recertification this year, the highest possible rating under the LEED system. The EcoDorm first achieved LEED Platinum in 2009 and was the first existing building on a college campus to receive this honor in the United States. Warren Wilson hired Samsel Architects to head up the administrative process for recertification which included coordinating student research on the building's actual performance, as well as broader environmental policies that will also apply to the college's overall operations. The EcoDorm is a 38-student dormitory designed by Samsel Architects and completed in 2003. The dormitory serves as

Samsel's cabin renovation project is featured in the most recent edition of Cabin Living Magazine. Our Reems Creek Log Cabin was chosen by the publisher because of the effort put into turning this historic log cabin into a modern, energy efficient home. The 100-year-old mountain cabin served as an office for an overnight camp that had closed decades before. The rotting log structure had collapsed floors, vines growing through the windows and crumbling stone work. Our clients could have easily demolished the cabin and started over. Instead, they wanted to honor the historic significance of the cabin that they loved and bring the old