Steep Slope Design Services

Western North Carolina and the surrounding regions offer stunning landscapes – from ridge tops to deep valleys. Steep Slope construction is a specialized area of building design that requires extensive understanding of geology and experience. Our human natures are most comfortable in spaces that allow us to observe the natural beauty of the landscape, while remaining hidden. We apply this basic principle to our mountain designs – balancing the opportunity for stunning views with requirement to blend into the environment with natural materials and color choices.

Our design team has extensive experience designing functional, beautiful homes on steep mountain slopes. Quality steep slope residential design considers the contours of the site along with the home’s function – not perched on the mountainside, but harmoniously integrated with the surrounding environment. Designing steep slope homes in this way promotes a balance among the natural and built environments, preserving mountain views for everyone to enjoy.

Featured Project: Cliffside House

This residence has amazing mountain views, however, a rock slide occurred after our clients purchased the property. Rather than sell the lot at a potential loss and start their dreams over, our clients asked us to create a design that was safe and beautiful.

Our design solution was influenced by the wedge shaped property, the newly formed cliff edge and the steep topography. These factors led us to a V-shaped concept with a compact footprint that packed in as much main level living space as possible. The technical elements of the design were crucial.  Our multidisciplinary team, including a landslide consultant, geologist, and engineers, developed a solution that was safe and durable. The design securely anchors the home to the mountain and protects the soil and vegetation from erosion concerns.

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