Residential Design Services

Altura Architects has a long legacy of excellence in residential design. As design trends come and go, our homes retain a timelessness that comes from an evolving design perspective. Our desire is to design modern homes without losing a sense of place. To achieve this balance, our homes feature simple forms that relate to the surrounding landscape and buildings. A clean design uses natural materials to create a comfortable, effortless aesthetic.

The Cliffs Walnut Cove high end home architectural design project
Twin Oaks Residence Exterior
Fontana Lake House modern architectural residential design project

All of our residential designs feature a strong connection to the outdoors. Many of our clients seek out Western North Carolina because of the exceptional scenery and to pursue outdoor activities. We want this passion to be reflected in their home. Thoughtfully incorporating perfectly framed views and outdoor spaces are key in our designs. 

We always start a residential project by walking the land to understand its constraints and opportunities. From there, we can determine the ideal place to construct a home that affords our clients views and connection while also blending into the surrounding environment. Constructing a home may be the single most important investment a client makes, so we have a strong sense of responsibility to making the most of the opportunity to serve. 

What Inspires Altura Architects?

Architecture has the power to inspire. Since 1985, our studio has been committed to timeless design that makes a positive impact in our community and environment. Every project is an opportunity for us to discover new ideas and create something that brings joy and beauty into the world. Watch to see what inspires us.⁠⁠

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