Fern Grove Residence Asheville Entry Rendering

Fern Grove

Fern Grove

Location: The Ramble at Biltmore Forest, NC
Type: New Construction

Located at The Ramble in Biltmore Forest, Fern Grove is an unassuming and modern house carved out of concrete. Nestled among ferns and a dense forest, the house is designed with two cantilevered wood and glass boxes resting atop a concrete plinth, their thin monoplane roofs extending like wings. The primary facade is wrapped in beautifully crafted board-formed concrete walls, grounding the house and connecting all its elements.

Fern Grove Residence at The Ramble at Biltmore Forest Rear Facade Rendering

This residence was thoughtfully designed with a focus on sustainability and optimized living. Every room and space in the home serves a purpose, eliminating any wasted areas. The house boasts geothermal heating, a low window-to-wall ratio, high-efficiency appliances, and even comes pre-wired for solar panels.

The exterior siding seamlessly blends into the entryway and wraps around the screen porch, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Inside, the entry and kitchen have cozy wood-paneled ceilings that create a warm and inviting space. The spacious great room has high clerestory windows for natural light, with stunning views of the forest and walking path nearby.

Fern Grove Residence Asheville Site Visit 1
Fern Grove Residence Asheville Site Visit 2

Above: Board formed concrete progress January 2024. Using concrete as a finished material will give this home unique textures and tonality.⁠

Below: Office field trip to the site May 2024. 

Fern Grove Residence Asheville Site Visit 4
Fern Grove Residence Asheville Site Visit 3