Interior Architecture Services

Our interior architecture services apply the same rigor of composition and detailing as our general architectural approach. We strive for our projects to have a cohesive aesthetic from interior to exterior, one that reinforces a central concept to the project. Efforts of interior architecture include selection and design for interior components such as cabinetry, casework and millwork; lighting and plumbing fixtures; tile selection and layout; stair and fireplace detailing; interior finishes and palette; and other interior components of architecture. Multi-family or condominium design services may primarily involve the interior architecture sector of our services, as will other projects that involve tenant up-fits of established structures. All of our projects that pursue a full scope of architectural service will involve an interior architecture phase.

Residential Interior Architecture

When designing a home, it is important to consider how every room will feel, from suitable spacing, easy traffic flow to the right lighting. In the dining room at our Town Mountain Residence, we used floor to ceiling windows to capture the stunning mountain views and to bring as much natural light inside as possible. The owners of this home are geologists and have a large collection of gems and rocks they’ve collected through the years. They wanted to display their collection in their home so we created integral custom glass cases throughout the main level. The cases are an extension of the house and its owners, not just pieces of furniture placed after construction.

Samsel Architects Residential Interior Architecture

Commercial Interior Architecture

Every commercial project requires different needs depending on the type. Art galleries need a lot of wall space and light, restaurants need ample space for both diners and staff, and offices need practical and comfortable workspace. Considering how patrons or occupants will use a space is key to designing a functional commercial space.

Samsel Architects Commercial Interior Architecture