We discovered the most colorful hotel on the web site ArchDaily. The Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium will provide any guest a vibrant and exciting stay. This hotel is a seven-story building that is wholly inspired by the Pantone Color Matching System. Designed by interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert, the building is thoughtfully decorated with different hues from the Patone color world. Each of the seven floors has a dedicated hue and all the rooms on that floor match the specified color palette. This way, hotel guests can pick a room and a hue that best suits

Our Town Mountain Residence was recently awarded a 2014 Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Award. These national awards are given out every year to recognize quality and innovation in residential design. This project in particular was chosen for its deliberate connection to the outdoors. Since our office is based in a mountain region, the indoor-outdoor connection is an important principle of our firm’s design philosophy. Outdoor living spaces were carefully planned around the main level living spaces. We wanted to create a physical connection to the outdoors, while still maintaining an unobstructed view to the mountains and landscape from both

Plans for a new mountain modern farmhouse in Polk County are taking shape and our focus has now shifted to refining the interior palette. The design concept for this house is to create a simple, warm and bright atmosphere through the use of colors and materials. On the main level, there are four central living spaces that are all open to each other, so we developed a neutral palette of stone, natural wood and single-toned painted surfaces. This approach unifies the spaces and visually calms the rooms, which otherwise could feel busy and distracting. Choosing the right palette for a project